Corporate Training

Seriously fun

Imagine your team creating new ideas everyday. Imagine your team communicating like they liked each other! get the picture. When teams play together they stay together. 

Improv Training For Teams

Improv skills are NOT just for theater. Improv skills have real world application to teams. In improv comedians are trained to work in an ensemble. Teams are also an ensemble. I can customize training for your team  from a lunch and learn to a full blown day or multi-day experience. 

Stand Up comedy Training 

Stand up comedy training is an excellent tool to dramatically improve communication and presentation skills. Stand up comedy is about thinking deeply and critically about subjects and communicating them in the best possible way. Stand up comedy helps business communicators to engage audiences with very little props. I can customize training for 1 on 1 or whole team experiences. 

Humor & Play for Leadership

Work can be stressful. Learning ways to play more in your life can impact how people respond to you. Leaders must learn to be approachable. One of the best ways to earn followership is through open and authentic communication. I  create customized "play dates" for managers and leaders to learn exactly how to become better leaders through creative use of humor and fun.