Improv Comedy Keynote

Bore no more! Your next meeting will rock with a funny motivational speaker. People learn best when they are laughing! 

Improv Your Life: Make Moments Matter

Learn to think on your feet. Improve heart health. Laugh until you cry! These are some of the effects of learning improv comedy.   Absolutely no experience necessary! Well sort of, the only thing you need is life experience. We all have experienced stress, disappointment, and let downs. In this highly interactive program your group will learn how to find the humor any any life situation.

The group will learn the secrets of improv comedy and how to deal with anything life sends your way. Improv is short for improvisation. It's a performance art form used in theater. Improvisers or "players" learn critical life skills of how to make things up in the moment.

is about learning to think differently. You group will leave inspired to laugh more.  When teams laugh together they stay together.  

In this keynote your group will learn how to laugh at stressful situations. The is a great topic for conferences focused on: 

  1. Health and wellness 
  2. Customer or employee recognition events 
  3. Sales kick offs 
  4. Annual meetings 
  5. After dinner programming 
  6. Any time you bring a lot of people together and want them to laugh AND learn!! 

The Improv Jam (Check Out Official Website Here) 

Imagine your next team building event that your team will never forget. Combine theater, comedy, acting, musicals, you name it. I teach business improv using Applied Improv Method. The Applied Improv Method is the process of using the tools of improv to help teams think better together. The tools of improv helps people to let go of fear of failure and have fun. Through highly interactive facilitated team games members learn more about themselves and each other.

Your group will leave the event feeling energized and inspired to tackle challenges in a new way.  The is experience is fun, scary, and enlightening jolt of new brain connections. Laughter helps people to connect and feel good about working with each other.  The goal of the event is to have fun, take risks together, and learn to support one another during the experience.

Improv comedy also helps to improve  communication. The participants learn to truly listen and be in the moment with their peers. The experience increases connection and engagement. During this whacky workshop participants learn to be fearless on stage, tell stories, and above all be funny. Even if participants think they are not funny they will walk away knowing they don't have to be funny to be amazing!