happiness Coaching

Can you imagine learning to be happy in your every day life? It's possible to learn Happiness Habits. Happiness coaching entails learning specific tools to communicate, live, and engage in your life with more joy and laughter. 

What is Happiness Coaching? 

Happiness coaching is based in positive thinking psychology. The process is a journey by which you learn how to master and shift your thoughts that will enable you to be happier in life. 

What will I learn? 

You will learn the exact techniques to living a happier life. 

You will learn how to eliminate the self-limiting thinking thinking patterns that are hindering your happiness.

You will learn how to be turn your happy centers of the brain almost instantly to face any obstacle that comes your way.  

how do you work? 

I make working with me super easy. We can work live at my Happiness Studio in Seattle. 

We can work remotely via Skype or on the phone. 

We can work with a group of you friends who also want to live a happier life.