Make meetings fun

Bore no more! Make your next meeting unforgettable. As a comedian, motivational speaker, and entertainer, I understand how to make any gathering fun! Making meetings fun not only will delight your guests, but also help ensure people learn! There is a strong correlation between having fun and improving creativity, ideas, and collaboration. 

I am able to integrate clean humor into the agenda in a way that keeps participants engaged. I can also provide fun ideas on how to kick off and wrap up meetings that will make leave participants energized and ready to apply what they have learned. 

Engage your guests

No matter how large or small the event, I am the Queen of Crowd work. I make strangers laugh, engage, and connect with each other from the start of the meeting. Most people find meetings boring, lagging energy, and you can put an end to this sad state of affairs. 

As a humorous and professional Master of Ceremonies I  will re-cap each event and speaker in a light and lighthearted way the main points and themes. I can easily get people to laugh . When they laugh , they learn.  By having a professional person recap all the key points in a fun and funny way the goals of the meeting are met.  

Manage details 

One of the biggest challenges of any meeting is keeping the event running smoothly and on time. My job is to keep the meeting moving along, managing timelines, and speakers. 

Put a pro emcee at the help.  Make the meeting fun and engaging and give participants a much-needed break between high-content sessions. Get your people to WANT to be back in the room at the start of sessions because they don’t want to miss anything. Book a master of ceremonies. It's time you contacted me today!!