How To Be Happy, NOW!

Be silly. That could be the entire article. Crazy that you don't have to ask kids to have fun. They just ARE. We need to just BE. The art of just being. What makes you happy. A relaxing cup of coffee? Writing a poem, even if you never written one before? Do it...or rather BE IT.

There are times when I am not feeling at my best. I notice it and then make the shift. I happiness comes from within. You don't have to buy or DO anything. Simply stop and and feel life around you.

Ok, so let me give you a super serious primer of happiness. As adults you need rules. You want to know HOW to do something. "Give me steps Brooklyn. Don't just tell me to be. I have no idea how to do that."

How To Be Happy Right Now (regardless of the 'reality' around you)


There are 6 layers to happiness. I googled 6 layers of happiness image and I kid you not I got hundreds of images of lasagna and cake! So there it is have your cake and eat it too! Serendipitous

Here are the 6 layers that impact our happiness. Spoiler Alert #6 is at the root of what you can control to bring you instant happiness.

1) Desire: This is associated to wanting things you don't have at the moment. Desire creates unnecessary suffering. The key to managing desires is understanding your programming: Why do you want it? How have you been programmed to want the thing?

Take Action: Identify what you really want. For example you want a new house. It's 3x more expensive than the one you have now. If you can't afford it think about how you can make your current house your dream home. Look at the way your furniture is arranged. Have a fengshui professional assess how energy is flowing in your home. There may be something else you are really wanting.

2) Limiting Beliefs: Negative self talk is getting in the way of your happiness. I guarantee you, your negative self talk is intense and relentless. We talk so poorly to ourselves it's amazing we get anything done. Anything you want to do to improve your life will cause you creative anxiety. Trust me we all have are not alone.

Action Step: Learn more about how to identify and tackle your creative anxiety. Check out Eric Maisel's book Mastering Creative Anxiety it will change your life.

3) Identity/Ego: Who you think you are, the roles you play, and who you REALLY are, are often in conflict. You play many roles in your life. The key is are you being the real YOU. The authentic YOU is always wanting to come thru.

Action Step: Find ways to allow the real you emerge. Are you wanting to be more creative? Do you want to do improv or stand up comedy or write? Whatever creative endeavor you want to engage in, allow your authentic self to play. Take a class and just allow yourself play time.

4) Time (past/future): Happiness is not in the past or in the future it's right now. We sometimes belief happiness is in the future. "I will be happy when..." The reality is that happiness can be found in this very moment.

Action Step: It's a matter of choice. You can choose to be happy. Another great book to check out is Authentic Happiness how to use positive psychology to live a more fulfilling life. Hint: When you are not feeling happy it's an indicator you are out of alignment with your authentic self. The key is to take action towards what will make you happy.

5) Negative Patterns: There are things that trigger you to be unhappy. Often what is making you unhappy is related layer #1 Desire. You will see or feel there is something you want and begin a very systematic pattern of negative thoughts. "I'm not good enough, I don't deserve it, I am not worth it, that is stupid etc. You know the drill well.

Action Step: Rewire your thinking to a happier state. The first step is to notice the thoughts. If need be keep track for a day (Im serious you will be shocked) of all the negative patterns of thinking and behaving. Take an excel sheet and list the patterns. Next to each pattern write out what you want to do differently. Example: Negative pattern-I tell myself how that being a writer is silly. Rewire: I am a great writer and people will love my creations. They are starving for it.

6) Your Mood: Moods and emotions are the CORE of happiness. Moods and emotions are your internal guidance system. When you are in a bad mood, notice it. Then do this:

Action Step: Use power words to rewire limiting beliefs.

  • I get to v I have to
  • How can I v. I can't
  • What can I create v. Why is this happening?

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