How To Solve Any Problem: 6 Ways To Develop Humor Habit

The best way to manage stress in life is to laugh. Learning to laugh at your pain is the healthiest way move through difficult challenges and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some prefer retail therapy so for you it's seeing cars in the parking lot at Target! 

The best therapist I ever had was my comedy coach! During our jam sessions I stumbled upon a secret that changed my life. It changed my life because no matter how challenging a situation, I had developed a comedic brain. A comedic brain will help you solve problems faster! 

The secret is to create a humor habit. 

The key to developing fast problem solving skills is to develop a humor habit! Becoming a curator of funny things helps to develop a comedic brain. Comedians are constantly mining life experiences to find the funny.  Probing   life events through questions. Why is this happening? Why is this funny? What's my real feeling about this?  Always having a notebook to capture situations that strike us funny. We explore what makes the situation funny to emerge with a perspective that when shared live on stage resonates with the audience in such a strong way that makes them laugh. 

The cool thing is that ANYBODY CAN DO THIS!

Solve problems, create new ideas, and bust through stressful situations by creating a humor habit! Here's how: 

Humor Habit #1: Find humor and funny things everyday. Develop a habit of finding funny things throughout your day. Notice things that are incongruent. The other day I was at a sandwich chop in Chicago. The sign on the window read: Smoke 15 feet (s) away from the door! The 's' was sort of an afterthought. Brilliant. 

Humor Habit #2Host your own comedy festival. Even if it's on your couch. However, comedy is contagious and best done with friends. Invite people over to watch a marathon of funny movies, comedies, or favorite funny person. Host a meet up event where people go to fun and funny events like the circus, live stand up comedy show, improv theater (which are a lot of fun because you get to part of the show). 

Humor Habit #3: Start a funny Pinterest board and collect funny quotes. Be a curator of funny ideas. Share with your friends. Even better add your funny twist to the quote. Ben Franklin said "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise"  my add..."so can go to Starbucks to get coffee for his wife to beat the lines" 

Humor Habit #4: Develop mood buster silly rituals. Ever been in a bad mood and can't seem to shake it off? Yeah, been there. Decide to do something silly. It does not matter what it is. Smile for no reason. The muscles that create your smile when activate your brain to instantly releases endorphins to help you feel better. So go ahead and fake the fun! Your brain does not know the difference! 

Humor Habit #5: Take a comedy class! Yes you can! You are funny already. It's extremely rewarding when you share your stories on stage and people laugh WITH you!  It's a sense of collective validation that YES! your not crazy! Others are right there with you!  Yes it can be scary. But who cares. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. The tools and techniques you learn in a comedy class can help you in every day life situations. Comedians learn to think upside down and find the funny in tragedy. This is a significant human skill to develop. So go for it. Who knows this might turn into a new career for you! 

Humor Habit #6: Decide to let humor into your life. Commit to developing your humor habits. Life it lived better when you laugh more. Laugh at your pain by seeing the irony, the incongruence, and the absurdity in things. Share your humor with other people and watch them laugh with you. Laughing is even better with other people. 

Laugh more. 

Brooklyn DicentComment