Brooklyn Dicent is improvising life and loving it. Native to Puerto Rico, came up in New York, and settled in  Seattle, She has learned to make her own rules of the game of life. Her first exposure to stand up was in 2004 when she walked into a comedy club at 24 years old and was hooked on phonics! 

Most recently she has rediscovered Improv  Comedy and is hooked on phonics. She is able to apply all the years of learning and performing humor to help organizations improve creativity, teamwork, and employee engagement. She also is producing her own comedy shows through out Seattle. 





What makes Brooklyn different is her ability to engage the audience with spontaneous conversation. She is not just doing a comedy act, each show is an experience. She is not afraid to have conversations with the audience and they love her for it. 


She has a deep understanding of humor and how to make people feel good. Ultimately Brooklyn brings elements of fun, motivation, and even inspiration as she shares her unique perspective of life.